Here is an example of what to expect... everyone will have a different experience of course, but whether you want to look natural, soft and romantic, dramatic, sexy, or somewhere in between, Dayana's experience can help you to plan your desired look.

Dayana is from Brazil and her mother wanted to be a part of the planning process, so she had an additional wedding dress made for her in Brazil! That would not have been a big deal if she had not already planned on changing into a Dancing with the Stars type of dress after the ceremony. She and her fiance had been practicing a dance for their guests, so now she was going to have 3 dresses on wedding day!   


Dayana's engagement shoot could have been considered her trial/practice session, but her hairstyle was completely different than the one she chose for her

wedding day. So on her first "official trial, we practiced the ceremony

look. Dayana showed me a picture from pintrest of a beautiful, curled,

side pony tail... She was planning on highlighting her hair, but since

this was the day for her first fitting in her ceremony gown, we wanted

to practice hair and makeup. Normally, only one trial is needed... and

for some brides (especially ones from out of town), a practice session

may not even be necessary. She wanted smokey eyes and dramatic

lashes... We did lash extensions....

(a service that I recommend and discount for brides).

Dayana's hair and makeup ended up looking better than the trials and as you can see, she looked amazing!!!! Congratulations Dayana and Brandon!!!

For our second trial, her hair was highlighted, but not completely the color she wanted, but we needed to practice going from the side pony to an up do. Plus, we wanted the side pony to be much fuller. She would change into the dance dress, then come back to the hotel room for a quick change into mom's dress and a hair change as well. Again, not the norm, but we were very happy with both hairstyles! :)